Saturday, July 12, 2014

This and That

The Little Cowboy

And off into the sunset with Grandpa and little brother watching.

Okay, this picture is to make any of you with a weedy garden not feel so bad!  It's on the back side of our main garden and is always just big clods so its not easy to weed.  We usually just plant pumpkins or corn on this side so it doesn't need as much care or can take over the weeds.
Oh, I love these little grandchildren with all their unique and different personalities!!  If only I had half of their energy I could get so much done!! :)  Trying to get them all to smile for a picture isn't easy either!

The front part of our garden we do try to keep weeded, although it sometimes has to take a back burner to other things.  Normally Hosanna does a good part of the weeding and we are so missing her help!  Between the two halves is our two long rows of raspberries that have a lot of burning nettles in them right now.  We need to pull them soon before the raspberries get ready.  I'm so thankful for the ability to have a garden and all that wonderful fresh, organic, only our-hands-have-touched food!  God is so good!!

Meanwhile, Hosanna called and let us know how busy she is doing this or that - work, baking, gardening, playing piano, helping out at VBS, etc.  Pretty much what she'd be doing here other than the daytime office job at the Bible Bee headquarters. For those of you in the Bible Bee, Mrs. M. is already working on next year's Sword Study!!!  I had no idea of all that was involved in running such a big ministry but it is a huge job and such a blessing to so many.  Pray for the Bible Bee if you think of it.  Pray for the workers, the M.'s and W's, finances, ideas, etc.  I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

The guys are busy getting hay up, cattle moved around, bulls in with the cattle, helping neighbors with their cattle, fixing equipment, and the endless farm list.  The girls and I are getting the house cleaned up, doing laundry, dishes, etc.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Go to church tomorrow and enjoy fellowshipping with God's people!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Parade

We had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday!  First we had a family get-together with my side of the family and then went home to get ready for the parade.  It was scheduled for  four and then changed to five because of the rain and finally they had it at six o'clock. Little Jeriah loved holding his flag.

Our church had a float and gave out tracts. This is something the church families have talked about for years and finally someone did it!

The grandchildren were so, so excited to see Aunty Miriam, I mean, Buttercream the cow!  Notice that the only ones not in coats on this cold day were the ones from down Tennessee way!

And a close up of our float.  It was really windy but that didn't stop tons of candy from being thrown to all the eager little people!

Our wonderful maze workers passed out about 1,600 maze cards.  (Krystal J. is in the orange maze shirt.) That's less than last year but we had less workers and I would guess less stayed for the parade since it was so late.  Even so, with one in every four getting a card, or so, that means there was about  6.000 people there!  Maybe they gave out one in every three.  Anyway, that's a lot of people for our little town!

There was the Marvin Windows float.  Need custom windows?  Look them up!!

I think this might be Drew's rogator.  Pretty nice!

The parade theme was the Olympics since TJ and Gigi were in the winter Olympics this year.  This float shows the Olympics players from our town.

This is the back of our float.  Karen sat on the back and handed the workers cards as they needed them.  You can see the cactus from this angle. When we do the county fair parade, the corn should be high enough to put some cornstalks on the float.

And here's the wonderful maze workers that helped with the float!!!  Thank you all so, so much!!!!!  I think Arthur makes a pretty handsome cowboy!

Today is not as restful.  We had a tank of milk that accidentally got a treated cow's milk in it, maybe a gallon we figure.  Anyway, it was past the withholding time but Arthur had given it an extra strong dose of penecillin so we decided not to let the truck take this load.  Instead, we've been making lots of cottage cheese today.  Our family is on lunch at church tomorrow so we've been busy making things for that as well. If your in the area and you want some free milk, get it tonight!  Have a great weekend celebrating how God has blessed America!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Its a Girl!

Jubilee Amanda
7' 7 oz.
Born at 12:35 this morning!

And the very happy parents!  Finally a little pink in a house full of blue! It was a long labor, but not hard.

Gideon will need to be watched.  He loves this little sister and would like to drag her, poke her, and probably drop her!  He just loves her!

David enjoying his little sister.

Daniel taking his turn holding the little sweetheart.

And Miriam enjoyed holding the little one, as well as the rest of us!  

The boys wanted us to take a picture of them in their new swim goggles.
Froglike aren't they :)  So cute!

We've been watching the boys and they loved playing on and in the covered wagon we're using for the corn maze parade float.

Isaac has been taking different people fishing. I love it when the lake is smooth as glass.

The waves the boat makes are enjoyable to watch.

And Priscilla getting a head start on fishing while Isaac gets the boat in the water.

One last picture of the sweet little, Jubilee. Another little blessing!

Psalm 127:3-5
Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is His reward.
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man;
so are children of the youth.
Happy is the man that hath his quiver
full of them...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This and That

We really miss Hosanna!  But, since she's gone, her bed has become the catch all for the maze boxes that keep arriving in the mail.  We thought she might enjoy seeing a picture of it.  For those wondering, things are going really good for Hosanna.  She is super busy and really enjoys her work.

The boys have been at our house some as we wait for their new little brother, or sister,  to arrive.  They found peeling corncobs very fascinating. 

And then there's these two! :)  Silas just keeps downloading more and more pictures on my computer of the two of them so I thought I'd share one I liked.  If you look close, there are mosquitoes sitting on Silas' arm and on Karen's shirt.  The mosquitoes are really, really bad this year with all of the rain and cool weather.  If you want to 'Save the Date', its October 18th.

Meanwhile, Isaac has done a little fishing but mostly farm work.  Arthur is milking cows tonight.  Miriam is making a large batch of frozen fruit cups with all the great fruit available this time of year in the store and in our freezer.  Priscilla is getting a head start on dessert for Sunday since we're on lunch at church.  I'm watching the little people who are watching "Lost in Silver Canyon". Silas is at work.  So, things continue to roll along.

Have a great evening!  Pray for Rebekah and the baby!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Miriam!

Happy Birthday, Miriam!!
We love you and pray that God will continue to bless you as you serve Him!  Have a wonderful day!

We're cutting the maze so I'm not sure how quiet Miriam's day will be. We couldn't do it without her, and thanks to her, we should finish today. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Reunion

We headed north into Canada yesterday to go to a family reunion.  On the way there we stopped at a little church in Steinbach we had been wanting to visit sometime and really enjoyed the service and all the friendly people.  Its so nice to go to a different church and feel so at home! They had some missionaries there from Ireland.  Priscilla and their Priscilla had a lot in common - both same name, birthdays only a month apart, both homeschooled and used some of the same materials, both have / had an older brother just older than them named Samuel, and a couple other things as well.  At the reunion, the boys enjoyed a long game of Bocce ball.

My cousins that were at the reunion.  We had so much fun visiting and finding things in common.

And the next generation of family.  Esther especially loved running around with her little girl cousins.

I failed to get a picture of my aunts and uncles although we did take one big family photo I should get later.  We had a fun day!  The stores are closed on Sundays up there and we wanted to get some farmer's sausage that you can't get around here. Anyway, we'll have to make another trip up there sometime to do some shopping even though the Canadians all love to come down here to shop!  Maybe for my great uncle and auntie's 70 wedding anniversary this summer!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Lake of the Woods, the 100th largest freshwater lake in the world, is overflowing its banks this year with all the rain we've had. My sister and her family live on the lakeshore and the beautiful lake is eating up their yard. They've already lost a large beach (well, its there under water), a row of trees, and its not quitting anytime soon. Today about 20 people got together and did some sandbagging along the lakeshore to stop the erosion of their yard and Arthur, Isaac, Silas, Aaron and Ronnie went along to help. 

Some guys filled bags and brought them over to the edge of the lake.

This is out of order, but you can see how the sandbagging should really help.  

And they toss them in to Arthur and Joe who were putting them down.  Yes, the water was really cold but Arthur assured me that when you work hard you don't feel it :)  Please pray for those that are affected by the high water, especially those east of here along the Rainy River.

Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!