Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Arthur

Happy Birthday, Arthur!
We love you!!!
(best pictures I could find that I haven't posted already!)
Things you may not know about Arthur:

1. He got saved when he was just a little boy!

2. He went in debt one time in his life, when he was 16 to buy his first cows.

3. He was (still is :) a great hockey player.  When he went to the Christian school in 10th grade, a lot of people were mad!  He was expected to go pro but chose a christian education over a hockey career. We still run into people, even in other towns that remember his playing.

4. He loves meat and potatoes.

5. He does not like junk food - at least not too much!

6. He uses hand 
motions a lot.  He uses motions before the words come out so the whole knows when he puts his hand out, he probably wants a phone, and things like that.
7. He has a weekly jail ministry with another church guy.  We have fun Wednesday nights telling people on the phone, "He's in jail".

8. He went to Israel in college.

9. His favorite hunting is goose and duck hunting.

10. When he was little, he road his trike down the stairs. He ended up wearing a helmet for awhile because he was always getting hurt.

11. He took me out on our first date when we were 13!

12. He hates peas, canned especially.

13. Some of his favorite hymns are "Oh, it is Wonderful to Be a Christian" and "Like a River Glorious".

14. As a boy in school, instead of working hard on his Iowa Basic tests, he would see what kind of designs he could make while coloring in the circles.

15. His spiritual gift is evangelism and he loves to share the gospel.

16. Eats apples when his boat is sinking. (Ask the J. family about that!)

17. Loves to buy strange animals at auctions.

18. Loves to buy food in bulk.  If its on a great sale, he'll fill his cart!

19. Was a dairy goat farmer for awhile when we first got married in Texas.

20. Has lots of kids!  If you're under 30, and you're with him, people will assume you belong to him!

21. Was in two movies while in college, The Printing and Captive Faith.

22. Dilutes everything - he adds lots of water to juice, milk or vinegar to soup, lots of milk to a tiny bit of coffee.

23. Always has to call his phone to find it.

24. Played saxophone in high school.

25. Favorite thing to do with the grandkids is to look at cow catalogs with them and teach them cattle breeds.

That's all for now.  We love him and appreciate all he does for his family and his desire to serve God!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Shower / Maze / Isaac

Our church hosted a bridal shower for Karen this weekend.  Karen's sisters and our girls did the planning and it had the theme, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Here's Karen sitting with her mom.  For those of you that have prayed for Pam, she's doing so good!!  What an answer to prayer!  After spending about six weeks at Mayo, Pam is seeing great improvement in her mobility which is so wonderful!!!  I'm sure she'd want everyone to keep praying for her because she still has a ways to go and would love to swallow again!

It was one of our Wild West weekends at the maze and Arthur took time to teach some boys how to lasso a cow head. For those wondering how the maze is going, I would say it is a very average year.  Not our busiest but not our slowest either.  Just right!  Miriam can hardly keep up with popcorn balls!

Yesterday we did something spontaneous and headed for a nearby hotel for the night.  Everyone enjoyed swimming, we played Rook, ate lots of pizza and ice cream, stayed up late visiting, and watched videos.  When we came home early this morning we all felt so refreshed.  I'm afraid with the maze and the farm the stress gets pretty high this time of year and we just needed a few hours away from it all.  Plus, we so seldom do anything together as a family anymore with everyone's schedules so different. I'm so thankful that God gave us even the few hours we had together as a family!

Isaac was happy to get his bear this week!  The DNR has bear hunters send a tooth to them, for research I suppose, and they send back a letter telling how old the bear was.  He brought it over to the maze to show us before skinning it and a lot of people really enjoyed seeing it and checking out its fur, teeth and claws!  Isaac has been busy working for another farmer and if the soybean harvest is done by October, he would like to do sugarbeets again.

This is out of order but I thought it was such a nice picture of Karen taken at the shower that I wanted to add it.  She's holding a dozen roses that Silas bought to surprise her and they used it as a table decoration.  We played a getting-to-know Karen game and another game that Rebekah led.  Naomi and Mae did devotionals.  The other sisters helped with decorating and food. Silas is getting a "Far above rubies" girl!

I also realize I forgot to mention that Priscilla placed in the local Bible Bees and is eligible to go on to nationals in Florida in November!  We are so proud of her and all the hard work she did to commit the verses to memory and for the scriptures she studied.  However, we did decline the trip to nationals because of another thing Priscilla is preparing for.  Maybe next year!  Rachel M. is going and we are VERY excited for her!

We're counting down the days till Hosanna comes home.
We're counting down the days till the wedding.

Have a great week everyone and remember with us, that perfect peace and rest only comes from God!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2nd Video Clip (1st is already posted below)

Another trail camera video.  This one is taken at night and shows six or seven racoons eating on the bait pile.  See if you can count them all.

Isaac's Trail Camera

Isaac has been getting some pretty nice video clips of a bear on his trail camera.  Unfortunately, he isn't out there hunting while the bear is.  Too much fall work to do!  The bait pile (the dumpster stuff), is hidden under the log.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maze Update

Cute aren't they?!  Our theme this weekend was "Corn Festival" and we did different things to do with corn and one of the things was giving all the kids Butter Kernel hats.

The Pitchfork has never been as busy as they were this weekend.  Silas does an amazing job grilling burgers, hotdogs, corndogs, pineapple, and whatever else we come up with.  The whole weekend was really busy and we sooooo missed Hosanna's help!!!  She usually spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday making popcorn balls.  This year Miriam is trying to do that and waterballoons, and the rest of us fill in as we can.

We did a small cornbox for the kids and Arthur has to test it out!  It was quite dusty, but the kids got rid of a lot of it this weekend!

I'm not sure how to turn this photo but it just shows Arthurs skid marks.    A truck driver nearby ran out of gas.  He had a really heavy load and went to Arthur to get help.  He got him some fuel and then the driver needed a pull to get it going.  He used his 3/4 ton Ford truck and it 4 Lo it squealed and bucked a little but pulled the big heavy truck with a 100,000 lb load on it.  It took about 1/4 mile to get it going and in the process left the skid marks. (Arthur dictated that to me because I wouldn't have remembered the details :)  He's not a hot rod driver and tries not to be hard on vehicles, but enjoyed the challenge!

Karen helped out at the grill some too.  She took orders, Priscilla assembled them and Silas did the grilling.  When Karen was in the Granary, Priscilla ran the show.

As for the maze, its going good.  We've had a lot of people through, had a lot of fun, but are really tired!  Thankfully, we don't have any extra groups this week so we can take a really quick breather before getting things ready on Thursday. Time to get some gardening done, canning, house cleaning, stuff like that.

 Our church is having a bridal shower for Karen on Saturday morning.  If anyone is interested in coming, be sure to RSVP to us soon.

Hosanna had the fun of being in, none other than, a Corn Fest Parade!  Yes, she felt at home with the corn stalks and haybales!  She actually was in a Samaritan's Purse float and dressed in a Christmas present box costume :)

Have a great week everyone enjoying God's blessings!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family, Bible Bee, Maze

A four generation picture of farmers on our farm. What a lot of hard work these four do! Well, Daniel works hard for his age :)

The local Bible Bee was this Saturday!  Priscilla did really good and we are happy for all of God's Word she has hidden in her heart.  These are the winners in the senior age division.

Over at the maze, Arthur built a huge bale mountain that the kids absolutely love!!  

This is a Giant Kerplunk game in the fort.  Fun to play, but not so fun to pick back up!  In the background you can see the snake eye game with the dice.  We were very happy to have the H. & H.  relatives come up for opening weekend.

The workers should know better than to get in the corn!  I thought it was a cute pose :)

Both Friday and Saturday night we had smore buffets set up.  I think everyone really enjoyed it, at least we did and will put it on our list to do again, and maybe a hot chocolate buffet if it gets cold out.  

Back to the Bible Bee.  One boy made the Bible Bee logo out of legos.  We thought it was pretty neat.

And our whole local group of Bible Bee contestants.  Thank you so, so much Mitton family for all the hard work you did to host this!!!  We look forward to it next year :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hosanna and the Maze

Quite often people ask about Hosanna and how she's doing.  Well, I thought I'd give you an update.  She is really, really busy this week at the Bible Bee headquarters with the local Bee's this Saturday.  She's working lots of overtime, answering phones and all the questions people have, and mailing out things people order.  She's really enjoying her time at the Bible Bee headquarters and has made some good friends.  She's staying with a nice older couple and has been "adopted" into their large family similar to the K. side of our family.  She feels quite at home at their big family get-togethers and does all kinds of things with them. Hosanna is also really involved in a small church where she plays piano and works with their Master Clubs program.  Their trying to convince Hosanna that its probably God's will for her to stay there!  In other words, they really like her!  So, that's how things go with Hosanna in Ohio.  We miss her!!!! She's coming home for the wedding in eight weeks and then goes back till the end of November.

On the home front, we have been having a work marathon at the maze and we are all about to drop on the floor and never get up again!  We are so sore and tired!!!  A good sore and tired!  When I came home tonight I was finally encouraged that we might be ready tomorrow at 1:00.  Not everything will be done, but what needs to be done.  Arthur usually builds a big round bale mountain for the kids to play on, well this year, it is huge!  The kids, and parents, will love it!  We are so thankful for all the help we have gotten from extended family.  Miriam and Priscilla made popcorn balls and filled water balloons as well as did tons of clean up at the maze today.  Silas mows trails whenever he gets a chance.  Isaac has been working up to 16 days for a neighbor farmer.  If you think of it, we give out tracts to each family that come to the maze.  Some won't take them, and others quietly chuck them in the garbage.  Please pray that they will be read and that maybe someone will see their need for salvation.  And that's how it goes at our house.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maze Prep / Gardening

The last couple of days the girls have been leaf whacking off and on in the corn.  They want Hosanna to know that they miss her doing her share :)   Every year at this point, the maze starts to get overwhelming.  It really doesn't look like a lot of work but we have a list a mile long yet to get done, plus...

gardening and farming thrown in.  We are thankful for the wonderful blessings God is sending us through the garden.  I'm so thankful for such wonderful girls that cheerfully help every day even when the days seem to get so long!

Silas and Karen, and a few others, enjoyed an evening by the campfire singing.

And for those that haven't seen the maze picture, here it is.  What a relief to see that it looks like its suppose to!!  We've done this enough that we get a pretty good feel on the ground if it looks right but you never really know till you fly over.  It's not exactly like we thought, but pretty close.

Priscilla and I had fun putting things in the Granary yesterday.  A lot of it we packed back up till next week but we needed an idea of what was going where and what pricing we needed to do yet.  There's some pretty neat things in there, especially if you're a boy or girl, with all the fun western stuff.  There's lots of girls and ladies hair flowers and headbands, some baby gifts, gourmet candy and popcorn, wonderful Dover western coloring books and paper dolls, colorful stick horses, and so much more.  It was fun.  We've also done a bunch of painting, and Silas is busy mowing the yard.  A few weeks ago it looked so nice but we haven't had hardly any rain for several weeks so the grass has all turned brown :(  We do need rain if you need something else to add to your prayer list.

Have a great weekend!  We're off to Jubilee's baby shower :)