Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monster Calf & Picnic & Maze

First, last week we had a new dairy heifer calf.  The picture didn't turn out or I'd show you. Anyway, it was HUGE!  The mama cow had it on its own although she could hardly stand afterwards.  Arthur put a weigh tape on it and she was 168 pounds!!!  A normal calf is around 80 pounds!  And can that calf ever drink her milk! I'm sure it must be a record or something!

Meanwhile, Miriam and I marked off the maze and Arthur went behind weedeating it.  I know the field doesn't look the greatest here but the weeds have all died back and the corn is already over my knees!  I'm so glad to have this part of the maze done!  Now we can just sit back and watch the corn grow.  Ha!  Not with our long to-do list!
We had an early 4th of July picnic at my parents last week.  Aren't they just the cutest!!

My dad, the griller.  His grilled chicken is AWESOME!  I need to learn to make it.

And a picture of  my parents great-grandchildren.  It isn't easy getting so many young ones to smile for a picture!

On the farm, Arthur has been busy with Matthew M.'s help, getting things ready for baling hay, fence maintenance, etc.  The girls have been busy weeding in the garden, helping this person and that person, etc.  Priscilla  has been busy getting her next book ready to print.  Isaac is also busy on the farm when he's not on the phone to you-know-who!  I've been working on maze things and, specifically today, working on the 4th of July parade float stuff and cleaning house.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!  Be sure to pray for our country!  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Camp Bemadezowin (Wilderness Camp)

The guys went up Canada way for a boys camp this week with a bunch of guys from our church and a few others.  Miriam and Hosanna went along to cook.  Well, today Aaron came back early, we knew he was planning on that, and he brought the girls home with him.  Nice surprise! They took some pictures so I thought I'd share them for the mother's out there that are wondering if their boys are okay :)  Yes, they are and no one has gotten hurt either :)  I'm glad as they don't have a phone that works where the camp is.

Arthur, Isaac and Aaron went along as staff with Aaron being the camp chaplain.

The girls tell me the water was cold but it wasn't cold enough to stop people from having fun.

Chapel time.  We are so thankful to have a camp with buildings and yet it doesn't have electricity or plumbing so you still get that wilderness camp feel.  The girls did have a gas fridge and stove to cook on.

Canoeing, I think it's Dallas and Joshua.

Alex and Eli.

The guys had fun going from one end to the other using rafters in the "dining hall".

Nice fish, Joshua!

Eating banana smore's

Cooking the smores.

Traditional group picture.

The camp has its own lake with no one else on it.  The guys hiked to the other side and had their lunch one day.  Apparently today they were going to hike all around the lake.

Eli choppin' more wood for the campfire.

Throwing a frisbee on a hill seems like it might end up in the lake.

Yup.  Probably discussing who is going to get it!  Well, that's it for now about camp.

 Two posts in one day! Imagine that!

Why God's Children Suffer

I was sitting at my desk today and picked up a very old tract I saved.  I'm not sure where I got it, probably my grandpa. I don't know who the author is. It's missing a few pages, but I saved it because I thought it was encouraging.  Here's some little pieces of that tract. Maybe it will encourage one of you going through a hard time.

"Lord, put me into the fire if you will; put me into the water if you think I need it; do anything you please, O Lord, only for Christ's sake, don't throw me into the scrapheap." 

"He may have a special job for you that requires a special preparation.  And if the testing time seems long, remember that He who permits the trial knows just how hot the furnace is, and just how long you need to continue in it."

"Doubtless Paul felt that his years in prison were a weary waste of time; but those grand epistles which he wrote during his hours of confinement have caused millions to thank God that he permitted Paul to be imprisoned."

"The gospel teaches that we are 'saved to serve'.  Oh, the pity of being a fruitless vine, a useless tool- so dull and clumsy that God cannot use us.  So lacking in sympathy and discernment and knowledge of God that we cannot  help the helpless or comfort the sorrowing."

"Dr. F. B. Meyer of London recently said, 'If no one for a few days write to me to tell me of some help received, if no one seems to be influenced by my life, I sit down and say, 'O God, has the time come to me when for some reason I am to be of no use - a castaway?' If then to be useless is such a misfortune, let us bravely meet adversity, knowing that if patiently borne, it will make us more and more meet for the Master's use."

"But what of the afflictions which come up on the aged, whose working days are almost over?  What about the faithful Christians who are sorely puzzled to reconcile their long agonies with God's goodness?  Perhaps God is giving them the finishing touches of grace and beauty, that they may the more fully reflect His image through the endless ages of eternity.  How little we realize what eternity means!"

"And if by years of patient suffering God can take the harshness out of my voice, and make it tones more pleasing to Him and more helpful to others, surely the time has been well spent." 

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 1215

800 years ago today, King John, King Richard the Lionheart's brother (Of Robinhood legend :), signed the Magna Carta granting the English liberties that King John and the Normans hadn't allowed the people to have.  To this day, the United States Supreme Court has referenced the Magna Carta over 100 times.  So, get out your Lady Marian dress and celebrate an important part of history today!
If you want to read more, check out 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Isaac and Aimee

A few people have asked how Isaac and Aimee met.  We didn't know it, but years ago Aimee's family started reading our blog, she even got teased about Isaac!  Well, about a year and a half ago, Isaac's cousin from South Dakota told us about this girl that would be such a great match for Isaac. We were told she likes to hunt.  She can skin animals for the leather Bible covers she makes.  She can cook very healthy like.  Likes the outdoors.  Has a heart for God. etc.  Sounded good! Nothing happened for a long time but when Isaac and his siblings headed down to SD to visit their cousins in July, guess who came over?!  That was when they first met. I think there was some matchmaking going on ;) (Interestingly, Amos and Rebekah met Aimee years ago down in Tennessee and Aimee's new sister-in-law from South Carolina who we've never met also read our blog years ago!)

Then, in early December, the M. family invited our family down there for a visit.  Mr. M. who does construction work found out that Isaac would be a good help, so Isaac went down there for a month to help, and got to know the family really good.  Things were looking pretty promising and we had the M. family up here a few weeks ago.  That was the start of their "official" relationship, like a betrothal, and they got engaged last weekend when Aimee came up to help at VBS.

 It's amazing how much both Isaac and Aimee have in common and we really enjoyed having her up here this week!  We appreciated her servant spirit, how she helped plant garden, did dishes, quickly volunteered to clean up after Miriam got sick in the pickup (wow!), visited the grandchildren, and so many more things.  We are so thankful to her parents for raising such a wonderful young lady! Thankful too for the nice garlic plants her mom sent along!  They are looking at an October wedding.

Meanwhile, its been a really busy week with VBS.  Isaac, Miriam and I all got sick, Isaac not so bad.  I don't remember ever missing VBS or Miriam either but we survived and got to enjoy the end of a great week.  I'll post on that later.

For now, have a wonderful weekend enjoying God's blessings!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Mexico - ISC

Dad, Hosanna, Jessica J. and myself, (Priscilla) got back on Saturday from Las Cruses, NM where we were attending the International A.C.E. Student Convention. We had a wonderful time!!!! I had never seen palm trees, or the desert, so this was a new experience for me.

Jessica came along and played piano for my vocal solo, as well as taking most of these pictures, and keeping me in line. Thank you, Jess! The theme this year was, "For Such a Time as This..." so behind us, you'll notice the decorations to help set the mood for thinking about time.

I competed in archery again, and ended up with sixth place.

Dad judged chess like he did at the regional student convention. Yes, three days of judging chess gets long, but he did great. There was some very intense games. Hosanna also ended up helping judge in some needed areas.

Since it's an International convention, we met people from all over the world. This is a pastor from the Philippians. It's really neat hearing these people talk about what God's been doing their country. All together there were students from 22 different countries from all continents.

Every evening before the rally, we had a pre-rally time, and a few nights, Evangelist Robert Watkins brought out some of his puppets, and did some ventriloquism. He's really good at it! During the actual rally, we heard a lot of great preaching, and I think we were all blessed by it.

I ended up doing a command performance on my Dramatic Monologue, "Let the Lower Lights be Burning". Praise God it went well!!!!!! Because the room is so big, they need a big screen so that everyone can see what's going on, on the stage. This picture is obviously taken of the big screen.  If you really want to watch it, you can see it at  You can forward to around 30 minutes in to see it.

The ribbon I'm wearing is for second place in Bible Memory, I also got a second place ribbon in short story writing. I placed first in Golden Apple award, (you automatically get first place if you do it,) Dramatic monologue,and consecutive word count. I got seventh place in website design, eighth in embroidery, and as mentioned above, I got sixth place in archery. I'm not sure how I did in my music events but I didn't place.  There's a lot of competition in the music area!

For someone who's never seen much for mountains, (except the Smokey Mountains) this was an awesome view every morning!!!! God's handiwork is amazing!

On the way home, we drove through Colorado, and stopped at Kit Pharo's Ranch. Dad's bought different things from him in the past, and wanted to stop by and see the place. This Red Angus bull head is mounted in Kit Pharo's office.

This is Dad with Kit Pharo's son, (Tyson) Dad was really exited to get to meet him. Overall, it was a great trip. I'm very thankful that God worked everything out for us to be there, and I'm sure none of us will forget it anytime soon. After all, "Where else, can one week last a lifetime?"-I.S.C.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Isaac and Aimee

Yes, there's a ring on Aimee's finger!!    I'll give details a little later when I have more time!

Tonight they went fishing with cousins that are up for VBS.  Okay, Rachel H. actually caught these fish, but they were the most impressive for the picture! Aren't they cute :)

By the way, if you have children and you're within driving distance, we'd love to have your children come to VBS!!!  So far its been a great week but its not too late to start coming!

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Petunia Planting 2015

For those of you who have read this blog for any number of years, we tend to do the same things every year.  So, once again, it was petunia planting day! Debbie K. and Hosanna mixed the flats so that we don't have a whole flat of one color at a time. What a beautiful day for this!

I had to get this one to show you the nice yellow trucks full of flowers!

The wonderful farmer, cowboy, flower man!

Isaac did his traditional job of making the holes to put the flowers in.  I've probably mentioned it before but Arthur designed a hoe so they can make three holes at once.

I came upon the planters between loads of petunias and apparently, they were tuckered out!

But not so tired that they couldn't wave at every car and truck that went by.  I think they just love the semi trucks' honking!

Busy planting in leapfrog fashion.

Done with planting for another year!  Seems like the weeds start growing pretty fast though so it won't be long before they're out here again!

Have a great day enjoying the gorgeous weather God is sending our way!