Monday, October 12, 2015

End of the Maze for 2015

Well, the maze is officially over in one hour.  The girls are over at the maze, in the freezing cold and wind, with just a few guests here and there all day.  It's been a good season with several really nice, record breaking, weekends.  In fact, the total count as of this weekend makes it our biggest year ever.  It is all so weather dependent as next year could be our smallest if  God should choose to send lots of rain. We are thankful though that God did send nice weather, that no one got hurt  "too" bad, and that everyone seemed to have a good time.
While the girls are at the maze, I've been home cleaning up from the mess of putting in a new floor.  Both the dining room and kitchen are done and I think it looks pretty good.  Thank you, Isaac!  It was actually done a few days ago but we haven't had time to put the furniture back till today.  As you can see, I put up a few fall touches, including Arthur's deer mount that we always put up in the fall where we can all see it.  I'm not sure I ever mentioned the buffet, but I got it from my mom, who got it from my grandma way back when she was first married, after Grandma had used it for many years.

Now, I'm tired.  We all are.  We always are after the maze is over.  After a few days of cleaning up at the maze, we can finally clean up the yard that has really gone downhill in the last two months and get the house clean again! Hopefully get caught up on sleep too!

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Silas, Karen, and Samuel

With Silas and Karen's permission, I am posting some adorable pictures of their family that Jessica and Krystal took.  Enjoy!

Isn't he a cutie?!!

Y'all have a great weekend and don't forget your church needs you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, Arthur!

Happy Birthday, Arthur!
We love you!!
We appreciate your love for the Lord and for all you do for us!
(special thanks to a maze goer who took this picture)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Early morning goose / duck hunting fits in well with farming.  You can go out early enough that you still get in a days worth of work!  Here's Joshua, Matthew, Arthur and Caleb with their flock. Typically I don't care for goose meat but it makes great fajitas!

Today's catch with Jeshua, Joshua, and Arthur.

Isaac asked me awhile back if there's anything I'd like him to do for me before he gets married.  Yes, I want new flooring laid, and so Isaac is busy working on it.  It's just laminate, and we are putting the same in both the dining room and kitchen.  Thank you, Isaac!  No more carpet under the table! I know its not the "perfect" color for our woodwork but I liked the wide planks and wanted to have the rooms as bright as possible so went with the oak look. The dark parts in the flooring match the woodwork so that will have to do!

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Corn Maze, Hunting, Ministry (Not in that Order!)

Not too long ago, I'm losing track of days, Isaac took Joshua and Aimee with him up to Beardmore, Ontario to help the Mikesh family. Mainly they helped reside the church Mr. Mikesh preaches in.

Okay, these pictures are out of order. While they were up at Beardmore a man took them out on his commercial fishing boat.   Awe, cute aren't they :)  (I bet Aimee smiled when she read that! No, I don't really bet, but you know what I mean!)

Here's Joshua and Isaac putting up siding.

It wasn't just our guys up there, there were a whole group of men that all met up there and they also helped with the siding, putting up new stairs, painted, and did some work inside the church as well.

Joshua measuring siding. Sorry that some of these are blurry.

A certain someone wanted his picture on our blog!

Way up high!  Isaac must be waiting for siding or something?

Joshua and Isaac doing some finish up work.

Aimee helped out with cooking, and other jobs that Mrs. Mikesh had for her.

Mr. Mikesh and some of his kids out on the boat.

And another one of the boat.

Back at home, Arthur and Josh took some time to go goose hunting. Josh has been staying with us for almost three months now.  We're going to miss him when he leaves ;(  We would adopt him but somehow I don't think Arthur's sister and her husband would go along with that!  Thank you for sharing him!!!

At the maze, we just had our largest day ever with over 600 people! That doesn't count family, church people, those we missed because it was just too busy to keep tract, and season pass people. It was crazy but everything went relatively smooth. We used to wonder if we could handle 200 people in a day!  No one seemed like they were in a hurry to go home, so that must be a good sign that they weren't as stressed out as I was!!

It was our special Pumpkin Weekend and one of the things we did was have a pumpkin smash.  Arthur and Josh would throw pumpkin from the top of the bale mountain and the first one who grabbed the stem from the smashed pumpkin got some maze money to spend.  It was probably one of the most fun things we've done as far as extra activities.

Arthur also took Daniel out goose hunting for his birthday.  Daniel was pretty tickled with the geese they got and his canoe ride out on the lake.

Back to the maze.  I thought I'd show you a few things in the store.  I've made a lot of these notekeepers.  They are special DVD type cases without the hub in them .  They have a notebook, sticky notes, and a pen that all match in them.  I love making them and embellishing them and will show you the insides of some of them when I get time.

The girls have been kept busy making jar mixes, and we sell a lot of these.  Favorite kind?  Probably the Cranberry Hootycreek ones!  Someday I'll post the recipe.  You can find it online though if you look.

Hosanna and Priscilla embroider dishtowels to sell.  Hey, if they don't sell, mine are really grungy so I'll buy them off of my girls! :)

And, at the end of this long picture post, is a picture of  Rachel and Hosanna in the concession stand.  We could not do the maze without such fantastic workers!!!!  Hosanna has worked very long days fixing and serving the hot food, in addition to spending hours and hours making popcorn balls at home.  Miriam tirelessly works making water balloons, and running nonstop errands for those at the maze (Miriam, we need more ice, Miriam, we're almost out of water balloons, Miriam, can you make some more popcorn balls for me, Miriam, we need more $1's, Miriam, can you bring more pretzels over, Miriam, run to town and get more pop, quick!, etc), while trying to get our garden processed at the same time.  Priscilla makes the dipped pretzels and those fantastic cookie dough brownies, as well as helps clean and works full time on weeekends. Not to mention all of them spend hours each week cleaning the maze to get it ready for the next weekend or between groups.  I am so grateful for their help as well as the other workers. This is going to be our "group" week with 11 groups during the week and weekend.  Please pray for us that we can finish well, with a smile on our face, for good weather, safety of those that come, and for the tracts that get passed out.

Well, I wanted to get you all caught up on what's going on around here.  It will be a busy week so we'll update you when time is available!  Did I mention there's a lot of fall farm work to get done? :)
 Have a great day and keep giving God the glory for the great things He has done!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Bear

Yesterday was the first day of bear hunting season.  Isaac was heading out to bait the bear and then to sit down and wait for him to come along.  When he got out to the woods, the bear was already waiting at his bait pile, so, he got it, and within an hour was home again.  Not the biggest around, but a nice bear.

Isaac managed to find a girl that doesn't mind cutting up bear meat, so that's what they did this morning.  Then, Aimee proceeded to clean out Isaac's truck.  I don't think Isaac is ever going to let this girl out of his sight again!! :)

Miriam and Aimee have also been busy canning tomatoes.  Pot after pot. Will sure taste good this winter in soups or the salsa with nachos!

Meanwhile, Priscilla has been working on the Bible Bee, running errands, and general house stuff. Hosanna has been spending her days out on the tractor baling hay while the sun shines.  The guys are all out working with hay.  I'm wondering how I got so blessed as to have such capable girls that I'm not needed in the kitchen!  I think I'll go take a nap.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Mike, Corn Maze, Isaac, Aimee, and Stuff!

Isn't Mike handsome! We'll he's eating so his face is a little stuffed.  Anyway, a few days ago, Mike ran in front of Arthur who was on a tractor, pulling a baler, and a hay wagon.  Yup, Mike was run over by all three! Arthur felt super bad.  It was evening so we decided to let him rest the night, and maybe take him to the vet the next day if need be.  We knew he probably didn't have any broken bones because he ran home, quickly.  Well, he survived the night, because we were all praying for him I'm sure.  He stayed in pretty much one spot for about three days only getting up to eat and run outside, and to chase cats.  Today is the first day he's seemed back to normal.  Running, eating, and following Arthur around like normal.  It's nice to know God cares about our pets too!

Our church had a bridal shower for Aimee, and Karen brought little Samuel Paul out for the first time.  Here's a couple of his great, great aunts checking him out, and a bunch of girls eager for a chance to hold him!

Lori gave a devotional about communication, Priscilla and Hosanna had everyone play a "Get to know Aimee" game and a couples matching game.  Rebekah and the Mitton family made a nice lunch and then Aimee opened a bunch of gifts.

Jubilee and Cilla had the same hairclip in :)  Rebekah sells  clips like this and you can find out more on their blog and her facebook page.

It was a good weekend over at the corn maze.  Two down, six more to go!  It's been SO nice having not only Hosanna home this year, but Aimee and Joshua helping!  I actually got to stay home during the maze!  Something I rarely get to do!  That'll change when things get busier.

Big dino got moved to the maze entrance.  I can't imagine how many pictures have been snapped by him!

The duck races have been a HUGE hit, especially with the younger ones.  The hot weather made it popular too.  Little Aaron had fun grabbing Esther's duck before he was suppose to!

The older girls take turns working in the Granary.  This day, it was Elizabeth working.  Best selling item?  Probably the ring pops sitting on the counter, or maybe the hair bows.

I have no idea what they were laughing about!

Isaac and Aimee and Joshua went through the maze.  Joshua and Ronnie also helped "corn cop".  It's kind of funny how you can size people up and know when there's going to be trouble and it's nice having some guys to walk around and stop anything from happening!

Hosanna and Priscilla have been doing the food prep.  Here's a soft cinnamon and sugar pretzel with frosting to dip it in!  Mmm!  The salted with cheese sauce sell better though!

And today, Isaac and Aimee got some garden produce from Grandma K.'s garden.  Isaac was a little embarrassed to be seen snipping beans while the other guys were out working! :)

So, it's was a busy weekend but enjoyable one.  Enjoy your evening everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This and That

Last night the crew all went out to weed petunias.  Aimee is up here for a visit so she got to join in as did Joshua H. and Matthew M.

The petunias started off so good this year but they never got as big as normal.  Not sure why.  Anyway, fall is in the air and they are starting to wind down.  Hosanna is the one hoeing above.

We had to visit the new little man today and when Karen started talking he lifted his head and looked right at her.  It was so sweet.  I'm sure he was thinking, "That's my Mama talking.  I love her so much. She loves me and takes such good care of me.". Karen is feeling much better today and has her color back.  Thank you for all of you that prayed for her!

And other cute picture of little Samuel Paul.

Okay, this isn't a nice people of the people, but I wanted to show you the canning that the girls have been busy working on today among other things. There's a shower for Aimee Thursday night at 7:00 at our church if anyone wants to come!  Well, that's it for today.  Have a great evening enjoying God's blessings.  Don't forget to give thanks in everything!