Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Home School Tournament

Well, the 2014 Homeschool Tournament is done.  We had our largest group with 93 students and tons of little tykes and parents.  It was a good day and hopefully everyone had a good time.  Here Arthur is timing the Lego Challenge.  I found it interesting that not one girl placed in the Lego Challenge in any of the age categories!  It's definitely a guys thing.

There were the written tests which my mother-in-law so faithfully gives each year. Miriam usually helps her and this year she made our family take the tests when we got home.  Hosanna won the family geography quiz.  I think she only missed three of the one hundred countries to label.  She's put together a world puzzle many times so I guess that helped!

The handcrafts were very impressive!  Don't you love the leather armour!  All the parents get to judge the handcrafts, baking, photography, handwriting, and displays.

I wish everyone could've gotten a blue ribbon!

Chess and checkers went good although we ran out of time so winners were "declared". Silas and Elizabeth judged these categories.

I'm glad I wasn't one of the judges trying to find winners in the coloring contest! My wonderful sister-in-laws manned these activities.

The little guys really like the remote car race that my father-in-law also faithfully mans each year.

The displays on American War History or "Show and Tell" were fantastic!  I wish I had had time to read them all or to look close at the coin collecting with a magnifying glass.  They were so good!!! (I'm not sure that 'had had' is good English ;)

Well, Hosanna is getting ready to leave on Friday.  I know she would love people to pray for her in the coming months and maybe even send a letter!

Have a good rest of the week with God's blessings and miracles!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


For Your Information -
       Isaac was out ice fishing with his cousins today.  The ice was 54 inches thick!!!  They had to chip away at the ice to get the ice auger down far enough to get through the ice!!  The snow is melting but it's going to be a long time before the ice is gone.
       Priscilla comes home tonight from the Journey of the Heart.  She's been gone 10 days and we miss her!!!!
       Silas started working at Marvin Windows this week.  Today was actually his first work day and his text message tonight said it is going good.  Please pray for him that he will be able stay strong in a not always godly environment and be able to be a light for God.
       Hosanna is getting ready to leave next week.  She's doing an internship with the National Bible Bee until after the national competition in November.  We are going to miss her!!!  Arthur and Miriam are taking her there and then going down to Tennessee to help Aaron and Naomi move. I forgot to do a birthday post on Hosanna but she had another birthday at the end of March.
       I finished the rough draft of the maze design.  I know that's not as exciting as what everyone else in my family is doing, but it's a relief to me!  Also did some deep cleaning today with Miriam and Hosanna's help.
       Never a dull moment.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Arthur went to a cattle auction today to sell a few cows and came home with two cute little ponies.  He had some of the E. kids with him so they got to be the first to ride them when he got home.  I'm not sure what we'll call this brown one.  Any suggestions?  He's very tame and loves to be ridden.

This one has already been named Doris after Arthur's grandma.  She's a little feistier than the dark brown one but still lets kids ride her.  I love their this winter coats of hair. The two little ponies will be a great addition to the corn maze in the fall and I know between now and then there's going to be a lineup of grandchildren, nieces, and nephews wanting rides!

Notice that the snow is melting!  Yeah!  Spring really is coming!
Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's April

We had a "beautiful" snowstorm the last day of March and early April 1st.  We had a  lot of snow to start with but this dumped close to 20 more inches of the white stuff.  The wind was very strong, so some places it blew almost all the snow off the ground and other places there were up to six foot drifts!  As the picture shows, you can't even see past our mailboxes and often we couldn't see the barn from our house!  I kinda wish it would've lasted a few more days!  We enjoyed staying warm in the house and spent our long evening watching Ben Hur. 
I wonder if God is getting sick of us all complaining and is going to send snow until we get contented with what He gives us!  I notice it's snowing right now.  Oh well, it's only April.  ;)  I'm thankful God gives us daily opportunities to practice contentment!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This and That

I thought I'd tell about a few other things going on around here.  Miriam finished her three year Bible course.  For anyone wanting a good basic Bible education, Miriam is really recommending this program.  It's free, and you get a book to read and study and fill in questions and then take a test. And so forth for each class. You can either read and take the tests online or the paper route.  So, if you need a little challenge and don't have a lot of money, this is a good option.  They take donations of course :)

There's still lots of snow.  We had a couple of really nice days where it melted but there's still quite a bit of the stuff.  Most everyone we know that burns wood has near run out awhile ago and have scrounged around to get some as it is hard heading to the woods to get it.  I guess after the last few nice winters we didn't prepare as good as we should've.

Silas had a hard week last week.  He was climbing the wall of the haymow to replace a light bulb when the step broke and he fell about 15-20 feet onto the wood haymow floor.  He got quite sore but was okay.  He would want you to know that he kept the bulb from breaking. The day after he fell, a cow kicked him in the nose.  It got swollen and hurt but he was okay and you can't tell now.

Priscilla had a good birthday and wants to thank all of you that left comments!

We had our county Republican caucus meeting.  That's always enjoyable especially as we go over different resolutions and have discussions over them with the occasional some strong on either side of the resolution.  Arthur is a delegate and the rest of us are alternates to the district and state conventions.

Isaac's beef cow had the first spring calf. We try to have them calve later in the spring when the weather is nicer but this particular cow paid a visit to a neighbor bull when she shouldn't have.  The poor calf was pretty cold so we stuck her and her mama in the barn. (I say her but I'm not really sure if it was a her!)

Please pray for Pam J.  She's been so out of commission from Lyme's disease and last week she took a nasty fall and can hardly move.  I know she'd love people to pray for her and a card sent her way probably wouldn't be refused either.

I was reading about the sick man in Mark 2 who was lifted down through the roof.  It says in verse five "When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee." and he went on and healed him.  What stuck out to me was that it was the friends faith that led Jesus to heal him.  Other places too Jesus heals because of the faith of others.  I guess I always knew that, but it was a good reminder that I need to have faith when I pray for the healing of others. I would not want my lack of faith to keep anyone from getting healed.  It's so easy to pray like we would talk about the weather.  We need to pray in faith knowing that we have a powerful God who delights in answering prayer.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Priscilla!

Happy 17th Birthday, Priscilla!

Priscilla's name means "Ancient one, oldfashioned"
She was born on her due date :)

She's the only sibling in the family with blue eyes.

Priscilla has been working on her photo album for that special day, hopefully next spring, when she can graduate.  We've been having fun looking at old pictures and reading about things she did when she was young.  Here's some things I wrote about her back then:

At one and a half she loved to jump on the trampoline.  We had one screen window that was ripped and she would crawl through it to get to the trampoline whenever we weren't watching.

When she first started talking she said a lot of funny things - way more than the others:
She wanted us to have a new baby. She said, "We could buy one at the store.  Maybe we could buy the Heppner's baby."
At four she told me she would like a ring, bracelet, earrings and necklace to wear to church.  "Everyone would look at me and I would be so gorgeous." (Now where did that come from?!)

At three years old she knew some books so well she could "read" them. Silas would get so mad when she'd miss a word.

She liked to talk about eating wild animals:
When the boys killed a skunk she wanted to eat it.
When they set a mouse trap she said "Then we can eat the mouse.  It will be good."
We ate fajitas one day made from venison, she said, "It tastes like eagle meat." (No, we don't eat eagle meat!)

Today Priscilla is a lovely young lady.  She has a heart to serve God especially in the area of evangelism.
She loves to write and just finished the rough draft of the third book in her trilogy. (Someday we'll tell about it!)
Priscilla is a night person, often writing until late in the night and then sleeping really, really late.

Priscilla loves playing hockey, baking, hunting, visiting with friends, watching Ray Comfort video clips, and doing embroidery.

We love you, Priscilla, and hope you have a wonderful golden birthday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Trip to Tennessee

Arthur, Miriam and I headed down to Tennessee to visit Aaron and Naomi and the grandchildren.  One thing the girls love is Arthur reading to them. Actually, they like anyone who will read to them!  

We thought we would get away from the snow for a few days, but no, they got snow right before we came.  Arthur couldn't resist sledding down the hills around their house but first gave Esther and Anna a ride. 

And then there is sweet little baby Aaron!  What a happy little guy!  We held him, and held him, and held him as much as we could.  I wish I had better pictures of him but our camera just didn't do so good.  He has cute little dimples and a sweet little smile.

They had snow down there but I couldn't resist getting a picture of the green perennials starting to come up.  What a joy to see green!! Those of you further north than Tennessee know what I mean!!

The picture doesn't capture it but there is a nice coating of ice on all the trees and it was so pretty!  The roads were another thing.  We just don't get roads that terrible around here!  They get snow covered but  because its so cold they really aren't all that bad.  The colder it gets the less icy they are.  But down there the back roads were really, really slick.  I don't think I've ever been that terrified of being in a vehicle!  Course up here if you go in the ditch you simply get stuck in the deep snow. Down there they have all these steep hills dropping off beside the road and I could just see us rolling over and over down the hill.  God kept us safe though and once we got to their house we stayed there till the roads had cleared some.

The little girls love their Aunty Miriam.  Someone to tirelessly play with them!  

Esther crawled under a blanket with Miriam.  You can tell she's pretty pleased and thought it quite special!

Arthur with grandson number five.  

We tried hard to get a picture of all the grandchildren together.  Getting them all to look at the camera at the same time with a smile was very difficult but that makes it all the more special!  These kids sure have fun together!  This picture was taken at Jordan P.'s wedding in Illinois.  We stopped by for the wedding on our way home.  What a beautiful wedding with an awesome couple that loves God!!  We are so glad it worked out to go!

Pastor Aaron holding little Aaron at the wedding.  He's one happy dad!

And one more of the little guy.   I wish it was clearer but I couldn't resist posting one more. On our way home Sunday morning we stopped by a church in Duluth. It's amazing how good of fellowship you can have with other believers who you've never met. We were blessed by the service and their hospitality. As much as we loved our trip and had a wonderful time, it was good to get home and hear all the news and things that happened while we were gone.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Homeschool Tournament

For anyone living relatively close, we want to invite you to the local Homeschool Tournament Day!  It's April 15th and there's 26 different events to participate in.  Everything from displays to chess, artwork to piano, speedstacking to math quiz and lots more!  This is for ages five and older, although whole families come together.  We even have a few family events to enter.  I haven't figured out how to put a link for more info (I really need to take a computer class) but, if you email us, I'll send you the information.  We would love to have any homeschoolers from anywhere come!