Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Petunia Planting 2015

For those of you who have read this blog for any number of years, we tend to do the same things every year.  So, once again, it was petunia planting day! Debbie K. and Hosanna mixed the flats so that we don't have a whole flat of one color at a time. What a beautiful day for this!

I had to get this one to show you the nice yellow trucks full of flowers!

The wonderful farmer, cowboy, flower man!

Isaac did his traditional job of making the holes to put the flowers in.  I've probably mentioned it before but Arthur designed a hoe so they can make three holes at once.

I came upon the planters between loads of petunias and apparently, they were tuckered out!

But not so tired that they couldn't wave at every car and truck that went by.  I think they just love the semi trucks' honking!

Busy planting in leapfrog fashion.

Done with planting for another year!  Seems like the weeds start growing pretty fast though so it won't be long before they're out here again!

Have a great day enjoying the gorgeous weather God is sending our way!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 Ministry Training

We had a short ministry training time this last Sunday for the VBS and fair ministries.  Our theme for VBS this year is "Sailing Through the Bible" and its basically a quick run through of the entire Bible in one week learning about things that point to Christ.  We went over the VBS songs for this year as well as basic things about VBS and the fair.

We also went over the wordless book a bunch.  We don't necessarily use it that much, but if you can tell the wordless book, you can share your faith anywhere, and with any method, so its a good thing to learn.

Some of the guys waiting for a class to start. (Hosanna is back by Isaac so I guess its not all guys!)

We practiced the theme skit for VBS.  Isaac is Captain Blackwhiskers, and Dallas is his sidekick, the Jolly haha Roger.

Matthew is the Captain of the Bible Ship and Jillian, Sarah and Elizabeth are some of his crew members.

Finally, we broke into pairs and took some time to pray about VBS week.  We would really appreciate anyone who wants to pray about our week, June 1-5.  Pray for good weather, safety, the workers and the lessons they'll be teaching, and most of all, for the children's salvation and spiritual growth.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Family Joke

For years everyone on the K. side of the family has joked about white bread, "The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead." Imagine my surprise when I saw this bread picture!  By the way, no one can make white bread taste as delicious as my mom!  Anyway, I like the looks of the round pan rolls.

Have a great weekend enjoying God's glorious creations! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Isaac and Aimee!  :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

This and That

The guys, and Karen and Priscilla  finished off spring with a little more sucker fishing.

Got one!
The M. family from South Dakota way visit us this weekend and the ladies, including Rebekah and Naomi came along to Priscilla's senior piano recital while the guys did some guy things and watched the children. Priscilla played two songs and sang two songs.  She did fantastic and managed to hit those high notes!

Last weekend we started the busy wedding season by going to Tracy T's wedding.  We've know Tracy for years and years and so enjoyed seeing such a lovely young lady get married to such a nice young man.

Out of order but this is Priscilla with her piano teacher who was a friend of mine, way, way back when.

Aimee and Hosanna enjoyed playing piano and guitar duets.  They sound so nice together!

We took the M. family to see "The Shed" with all of its special and old cars.  If you like old cars, you'd love this place!

This weekend my nephew Matthew got married to a sweet girl.  Above you see my dad doing a scripture reading.

And the sweet couple!

And finally, the reception at the Gardens. I can't wait to see what God has planned for Matt and Alyssa!

Well, we've had a lot of late nights this weekend, and I need sleep, so have a great day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Priscilla's Graduation

Sorry these are out of order!  Downloaded just didn't work right today ;(

This was actually taken a couple of weeks ago so we could use it in the graduation slideshow.  Anyway, Sunday night was Priscilla's high school graduation.

 Jessica J.'s grandpa was the speaker for the evening and spoke on giving your best to God.
The girls did some scripture recitation together and sang a song together.
Each girl did something by themselves as well.  Priscilla did her dramatic monologue that she's doing for ACE convention.
My father-in-law, our pastor, gave each graduate a Bible.
Then each set of parents came up and gave their graduate their diploma, hugged them, and some said a few words about the graduate.
Arthur giving Cilla a big hug in the receiving line.
Seeing as it was Sunday evening, we decided to have sundaes and cake.  It was the easiest graduation lunch we've ever done and everyone really seemed to enjoy it and all the topping options.
The graduates each had their table of special stuff.

The siblings all worked in the kitchen, including the guys.  The guys also passed out programs, ran the cameras, slideshow, etc.  

Priscilla's cousin Benjamin, and Rachel M.'s brother, was the MC for the evening.
Hosanna made a special cake and then a couple of large sheet cakes.

So, that was Priscilla's graduation in a nutshell.  It was such a nice graduation and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter like her!  They're all wonderful of course!  It also marks the end of 23 years of homeschooling for us.  I feel like I just retired from a job or something.  Sad, but looking forward to seeing what God has around the corner.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Winter / Spring Projects

After Christmas when things slowed down, I started a few organizational projects.  I'm still not done but thought I'd share what I've done so far.  The office was the biggest area that needed help.  I found a good deal on these nice 12"x12" boxes and went through all the papers and tried to put them in categories, and then in boxes.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I wanted to make fancier labels, but that will have to wait till some other long winter.  Some of the boxes are different years of VBS programs that we rotate.  They were a real mess so I was especially glad to get them in order.

Then, I had some papers I just wasn't sure where to put, so I made a "Keeper of the Home" binder since I couldn't think of any other name.  In it I have a section on gardening, cooking, Christmas, and a few others.  I haven't got this one really going yet but look forward to having time to use it and put the things in it that need to be in it. 

I had a whole stack of notebooks that I keep lists and notes in.  I can't ever find what notebook I put what in!  So, I made a smaller 7"x9" binder to keep all those lists and stuff in.

I added pretty pager and pictures to the dividers and used laminate to make them extra tough.   The categories pretty much cover the things I write notes on the most.

I even made a few pocket pages to slip in other things.  I enjoy making paper craft type things so this was a fun thing to do and I already LOVE using it!

In the office there was a corner full of shelves and two file cabinets blocking the shelves off.  We moved the shelves.  One thing I haven't done yet is paint the corner, as you can see.  I ripped out some of the old wallpaper from the 70's or sometime way back.  Most of the stuff on the shelves are in the brown boxes now.  We got rid of the file cabinets and put most of the stuff in the wood boxes under the new bench Arthur made for me.  We don't usually sit in the office, but with daughters nursing babies, we wanted someplace they felt free to sit without people around, and still hear what's going on. I made the cushions out of pillows and pillowcases sewed together.  See the globe in the top left corner?  That poor globe had no stand and has rolled around this house for years!  I wasn't sure what to do with it because we still look at it so I hung it from an upper shelf.  Eventually, I hope to have a place for a playpen in this room too for sleeping babies.

We built the new living room on the other side of this office and the window just sat there empty.  I showed Arthur a picture online of someone who put shelves in their window and it wasn't long before he had shelves put in.  It's a great place for all those tiny crafty things that get lost in my other cupboards.  Also went through all my fabric and craft stuff in the office which was a huge job.  Glad to have it done for a long time to come!  Well, there's still some things I'd like to do but it might have to wait till next January.  Meanwhile ... 

Spring is here and that means sucker fishing which opened today.  I'm not overly fond of suckers as straight fish but they taste good smoked or pickled.  You can't see it but the guys are wet up to their shoulders!  Guess the river was  pretty deep!  Karen and Priscilla and Arthur went along too.

Behind the house, in the "courtyard" area, we made a sand pile (more like gravel) for the grandchildren.  We don't have a wall yet on the far side so we put some wood there to give the little ones a boundary.

We outlined the sand pile with logs and they have just as much fun with the logs as the sand.

It's a gorgeous day out today!  Warm and sunny!  God sent us a little rain last night so the grass should start growing a little more.  I hope you all have a wonderful day enjoying the great weather wherever you are!  

Monday, April 27, 2015

ACE Convention

This past week, Dad, Hosanna, Jessica J. and myself, (Priscilla) attended the Regional A.C.E. Student Convention. We had a great time, and we're very thankful that God worked it out for us all to go. Dad was the head Chess and Checkers Judge, and he also helped judge some of the ping-pong.

Dad and Hosanna both had the chance to help hand out ribbons, and here Hosanna is giving out some of the basketball awards. Hosanna was also the spelling and Bible Memory judge, and she helped Dad a bunch.

I competed in ten different category's and here, Mr. Ballenger the main speaker, is presenting me with a Bible for accomplishing the Golden Apple Award. (That's memorizing the book of Proverbs, and no, I didn't have to say it all in one sitting. I only had to do one chapter at a time.)

Here's the speaker and I together with the Bible.

Here, I'm playing a piano solo, it went fairly well, and I really enjoyed getting the judging sheets back.

I did the limited freestyle female archery division, and it just so happened that when it was my turn to shoot, I was still wearing my costume from my Dramatic Monologue. We had to shoot from 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards.

This is right before my vocal solo. A special thanks to Jessica for coming along and playing the piano for me, and taking most of the pictures in this post.

Pastor C. giving me a first place ribbon for piano.

My dramatic monologue went very well, and I had to do a command performance of it at the morning rally the next day. For the Dramatic monologue, you have to write your own script, and then perform it. My Dramatic Monologue was on the hymn history of "Let the Lower Lights be Burning" coming at it from the view point of Philip Bliss's granddaughter. I had never preformed in front of so many people,  and I was really nervous. However, I think sometimes things go better when we're really nervous, because we pray more about it, and we really have to trust God to work through us.

Jessica and I in one of the churches that we had some competition. It was a great trip, there was some really good preaching, and I found it really encouraging to be surrounded by so many Christian young people. There was a lot of good character and godly sportsman attitudes shown, and I'm really looking forward to the international competition in LasCruses, New Mexico in May! A huge thanks to the G. family for all of the work, time, and effort put into the convention. It was a huge blessing to all of us who attended. (It's also where Mom got the idea for the Homeschool tournament.)