Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maze Prep / Gardening

The last couple of days the girls have been leaf whacking off and on in the corn.  They want Hosanna to know that they miss her doing her share :)   Every year at this point, the maze starts to get overwhelming.  It really doesn't look like a lot of work but we have a list a mile long yet to get done, plus...

gardening and farming thrown in.  We are thankful for the wonderful blessings God is sending us through the garden.  I'm so thankful for such wonderful girls that cheerfully help every day even when the days seem to get so long!

Silas and Karen, and a few others, enjoyed an evening by the campfire singing.

And for those that haven't seen the maze picture, here it is.  What a relief to see that it looks like its suppose to!!  We've done this enough that we get a pretty good feel on the ground if it looks right but you never really know till you fly over.  It's not exactly like we thought, but pretty close.

Priscilla and I had fun putting things in the Granary yesterday.  A lot of it we packed back up till next week but we needed an idea of what was going where and what pricing we needed to do yet.  There's some pretty neat things in there, especially if you're a boy or girl, with all the fun western stuff.  There's lots of girls and ladies hair flowers and headbands, some baby gifts, gourmet candy and popcorn, wonderful Dover western coloring books and paper dolls, colorful stick horses, and so much more.  It was fun.  We've also done a bunch of painting, and Silas is busy mowing the yard.  A few weeks ago it looked so nice but we haven't had hardly any rain for several weeks so the grass has all turned brown :(  We do need rain if you need something else to add to your prayer list.

Have a great weekend!  We're off to Jubilee's baby shower :)

Friday, August 8, 2014


Here's Fort Cornstalk that the camp guys worked on.  We have a few things to finish up on it yet but its getting there.  The guys did enjoy some soft air shoot-outs at the Fort.  The Fort will hold the Game Zone games.  I think you're all going to get sick of hearing about the maze but that's pretty much all we'll be doing for the next few months!  If anyone wants to help get it ready, let us know!

Today the guys went picking rocks in a field we rent.  I think those guys must've gone home really sore as they worked so hard!  Thank you so much guys!  As soon as the last one took off Arthur headed off to rake a hay field.  Lord willing, we can get it baled before it rains, if it rains.

Have a great evening and pray for peace in Jerusalem.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh, No

Only a limited number of people get bear licenses.  When they put the extra licenses up for sale, Isaac was the last one to get one before they closed the selling.  We all know what that means!  More trips to the dumpster!!  I can't think of many things more embarrassing than having my sons digging in the local grocery store dumpster!!  Other hunters do it too but that doesn't comfort me much. Must be pride or something.  At least they try to do it early in the morning before I know what their doing or so late at night that I don't care! The bears do love the pastries, fruit and other stuff they get ;)

(Two posts in one day, I'm not bored, believe me!)


We've had a good time this week, so far anyway :)  hosting a group of guys for FARM camp.  Basically, a lot of work, and a lot of play!

One thing the guys have done a lot of is unloading trailers of square hay bales.  Not easy in the heat we've been having!

Those not unloading hay have been cleaning the barn.  You can't see it on this picture but the guys run the wheelborrow up a plank to the manure spreader.  The guys have also done a lot of work at the maze.  Mainly working on Fort Cornstalk, rope maze, and things like that.

Three times a day different men have been coming over to do devotionals for the guys.  

The girls and I have been feeding the crew.  Breakfasts they eat in the house, the other meals they eat outside.  They have been swimming in the 'Bulldog Pond' as we call it in the evenings to cool off. Isaac has been taking the guys fishing as well and they've been playing lots of soft air games in their free time.

Well, I need to get going on their lunch.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This and That

We have really enjoyed the fresh peaches we ordered as well as the abundance of raspberries!!  The pies are so, so delicious!  

We had the corn maze sprayed this evening.  The brave pilot flew under the power lines!  Young Daniel said he was an amazing pilot!

Arthur and I had a good trip to Fargo to do some maze shopping and a quick, okay, it was an hour and a half visit, to the new Hobby Lobby store in Grand Forks. Like most trips to "the city", it is nice to get back to our quiet roads and cheerful family at home.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Fair

Silas took Karen down to the fair for fun and ministry.  Of course Silas took Karen through the barns to see the cows, bulls, steers, horses, etc, as well as tried out some of the good fair food, a ride on the ferris wheel and then helped out at our church's Good News Cabin.  (Aren't they cute, Mrs. J?) By the way, Karen's mom is down at Mayo and would love people to pray for her!

At the Good News Cabin, different people took turns telling the wordless book and other Bible lessons to children and after they listen to the lesson, they get either a balloon animal or their face painted.  They also gave out lots of free water bottles, tracts, and DVD's.  About 600 children came through  not to mention lots of parents who also listened to the gospel.  Several children got saved and there were lots of discussions about spiritual things with adults and parents. Thank you, Elizabeth, for organizing this every year!  Isaac, Priscilla, Karen and Silas all helped out different days.

It was a beautiful day for farm work today and Isaac, Arthur and Silas raked and baled about 150 round bales this afternoon before it started to sprinkle.  Miriam and I canned a bunch of raspberry jam and froze some snow peas. Arthur and Isaac are busy planning FARM camp in just a little over a week.  It's a one week camp for boys 13 - 18 here at the farm.  Know anyone who wants to come?  Let us know!  They will work hard, play hard, fish, and eat a lot, plus have lots of devotionals by different people!  It's going to be fun!  Arthur also had a cattle gate fall on his ear this week.  It's black and blue and looks nasty.

Silas and Karen also had an old time photo taken.  Cute :)

Have a wonderful day tomorrow worshipping God!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

County Fair Parade

Yesterday was another wonderful fair parade day!
Thank you so much again, to the wonderful workers who put up with the heat and smiled, and smiled, and smiled, as they gave out almost 2,000 flyers!

If you're into Polaris things you would have been awed by their presence at the parade!  They had a whole fleet of their motorcycles like the Indian Chiefs, Rangers, Ace's, Sportsmans, RZRs,  and all the other off-road neat things they make.  They were in front of us at the parade and you can see the long lines of their stuff. I was in the truck with Arthur so he educated me on what I was seeing.

Well, I know Hosanna likes to see what we're up to so I thought she'd enjoy the pictures.  Today Priscilla and Arthur are down at the fair working at our church's booth where they share the wordless book or Bible lessons with children.  They also give out lots of tracts and DVD's and bottles of free water. Silas is at work, Isaac is mowing hay, Miriam is scrapbooking in the church album, and so it goes.  We picked raspberries and peas today as well. Please pray for those at the fair this week that many would be reached, for salvation decisions, and for the workers as well.  Have a great evening!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Visiting Cousins in SD

Isaac, Miriam, Silas and Priscilla headed down to South Dakota to visit cousins.  They had a wonderful time and are really thankful for Uncle Doug and Aunty Louise who put up with them!  While they were there a few others were invited over for a game of volleyball and late night visit. That's Reuben hitting the ball in case you don't recognize him!

And some of the girls that played.  Joshua is the one hitting it this time.

Isaac and Joshua enjoyed a juggling contest with each other.

Lots of visiting, games, and fun going on.

One day they headed out to the Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls.  Pretty awesome water feature isn't it?!

There they are, enjoying the fun day.  


Priscilla and Abby

Joshua and Silas  (I didn't know you were so  big, Silas!)

Always nice to get your picture taken with  President Ronald Reagan!  This was taken at Scheels.  While the kids were gone, Arthur and I took advantage of no one using their bathroom and did a quick facelift for the very, very run down room.  I don't think it was too big of a surprise because they know if their gone for a few days I'll do something to surprise them. They were just very relieved we did it when they were gone as it made a huge, huge mess!!  

One last fun picture.  We were watching the boys yesterday and we decided to introduce them to sprinkler fun.  They loved it!  Jeriah wasn't too sure of the water and Gideon wouldn't step foot near the water but Davy and Daniel sure enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings, and the wonderful, needed rain we got last night!!