Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Wonder ...

...if the Lord will return today?!
 Are you ready?

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Cute aren't they!  Isaac's cows have been calving and he enjoyed seeing these two Hereford looking calves from their Angus mama. The grass is starting to turn green after last nights thunderstorm.  A nice sight!

We're having a quiet evening and so Isaac is enjoying working on a fishing net he's making with the May 1st sucker season in mind! I've never seen anyone make a fishing net so that's why I posted this in case some of you haven't either. Maybe he'll use it northern fishing which might start next week.  Meanwhile, he's starting field work with another farmer tomorrow.

We knew this tree was leaning toward the house, but it wasn't until Priscilla pointed out to us that it was hollow that we decided it needed to go. There's a big hole in the base of the tree, and sure enough, there's not much holding it up other than bark!  Arthur climbed up to tie a strap around it and then tied the other end of the strap to a tractor tightening up the strap.  While he was in the tractor, Isaac got up on top of the pile of wood next to the tree and started cutting it down.  My heart rate finally got back to normal after the tree came down and lots of prayer for the guys safety.

Well, there's another week ahead of us and I look forward to seeing not only how much we can get done, but seeing what God does! Have a great evening everyone and don't forget to rejoice in the Lord!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Home School Tournament

Things have been pretty crazy around here and for me, on busy thing was the homeschool tournament yesterday.  I haven't done a total count but there were right around 100 students participating.  It was busy, and really fun too.  The whole family helped out.  Miriam helped me with registration and getting the awards ready as well as judged the speech category.  Hosanna did speed stacking judging in the morning and the airplane toss in the afternoon.  

Isaac and Silas and Karen ran the chess and checkers competition.  Arthur ran the lego challenge in the morning and softball throw in the afternoon.  Miriam and I were getting the lego sets ready and thought we'd have a race to see who was faster.  It was not as easy as children make it look because neither of us had any idea how to put the legos together correctly. We gave up timing it.

My sister Kim helped this year after lots of years of begging her to help!  She also homeschooled all her children's school years and she enjoy seeing all the new families and helped out with judging and with the awards. Thank you so much to anyone else who is reading this that helped judge!

Friday, March 20, 2015

This and That

Priscilla had another birthday this week, only this time she turned 18!  We are so thankful for her.  She keeps our house lively and enjoys challenging us in soulwinning and doing hard things for Christ.

This pretty much sums it up!  Hard to keep her down!

Another spring means another spring puddle to canoe in.  The grandsons LOVE this! It has been a gorgeous spring.  If it is indeed spring!  I don't remember it being so nice so early and Priscilla hasn't ever had such nice weather on her birthday.

Arthur's taken a few early mornings while the ground is still frozen and has been cutting wood.  That's Ronnie helping him and Silas helped some too.  Thanks, guys!

Isaac's been out fishing some too with different people.  Yes, there's water on the lake in places but Isaac assures me it's only the snow on top of the ice that's melting.  The ice is still about 40" deep.  The fishhouses are mostly off but there were a lot of people out there Sunday when we drove by.

I don't know about you, but I'm SO thankful to God for the nice weather even though we will still get more snow!  What are you thankful to God about today?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


After a long winter of their absence, I woke up this morning to the sound of birds.  Geese, and others too.  Looking at the frozen puddles, I wonder if they should've stayed south a few more days :) Have a wonderful day with God's blessings!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Wedding Thoughts

There's a lot of weddings this summer!  I love weddings, like most ladies do, and I can't wait to go to a few of them!  My nephew is getting married to the sweetest girl!  They both have such a heart for God and I look forward to seeing what God has planned for their lives.

A lot of girls have a list of things their looking for in a husband. Maybe some guys have lists of what their looking for in a girl too.  That's a good thing and we've encouraged our children to do the same thing, before Mr. or Miss wonderful come along so that list isn't made to fit the one person!  With lists also comes the problem of maybe expecting too much out of a young man or young lady.  Not that we shouldn't have high expectations, but we do need to remind ourselves that none of us have "arrived" yet! Seriously, I could hardly cook when I got married.  I'm sure my mom tried to teach me but I was the baby in the family and my older sisters were more than welcome to take the job!  If Arthur had that I needed to be a good cook on his list, we would never have married!   If you do keep a list, here's a few things you might want to make sure are on it:

Does the young lady love God with her whole heart?  Does the young man?
Is the young lady actively serving God?  Is the young man?
Will the lady be a godly helpmeet or will she want him to be her helpmeet?
Will the young man be a godly leader?  Does he lead in prayer and read the Bible when with the young lady? Does he encourage her and others to grow spiritually?
Does the young man respect the young lady's purity to the point that he will do anything to protect her? Is he always touching the girl going further each time? A bad sign!
Does the young lady respect her purity enough that she doesn't seek the young man to touch her as much as possible?
Is the young man or lady pure? (One way of knowing how pure a mans heart is, is to look and see what kind of picture does he "Like" on facebook.  I have seen some really not-so-nicely dressed pictures of ladies on facebook, and a lot of what I thought were godly men likeing the picture, and even leaving comments.  Not good! Don't marry a guy who likes pictures of girls showing off their bodies!)
Is the young lady looking to be a princess or a queen of her home?  (A princess gets waited on and spoiled while a good queen runs her home responsibly with grace)
Is the young man looking to be a prince or a king of his home? ( A prince gets to do what he wants while a good king always considers what is right for those around him.)
Can the young man rule his finances?  Can he save money?  Does he spend it foolishly?
Does the young lady waste money on foolish things?  Can she save?  Does she know how to save?
Does the young man have enough character making him capable of supporting a wife and family no matter how hard he has to work to do it?
How does the young lady use her free time?  How does the young man use his free time?
Does the young man spend too much time gaming? (A huge problem with young men today)
Does the young man respect the girls parents? 
Is the young lady saved?  Is the young man?  Are their testimonies clear leaving no doubt?
Do the young lady and young man attend a good church?  Are they Sunday morning church goers only? 
Does the young lady have a good relationship with her dad and mom?  Does she share personal things with them? Does she listen to their counsel?
Does the young man have a good relationship with his parents?  Does he share personal things with them? Does he listen to their counsel?
Do the young man and young lady agree on children and how to raise them?
Do both the young lady and young man have daily personal devotions?
Do both the young man and young lady seek God for direction for their lives?

I hesitate to print a list but I know a lot of young lady's read this blog and I just want to encourage you to consider things before you meet Mr. Right.  Study the scriptures and see what makes a man godly.  Study the scriptures and see what makes a woman godly and how can you prepare to be the best wife possible.  Above all, do not be in a rush to get married.  If a young lady is not content to be single, as much as she thinks marriage is the answer, you will not be content married either. I know its hard when you see so many others getting married, and you're not.  I know our girls have often wondered, "Where are those godly young men?" Good question.  We've been all over the country and haven't seen very many. We also have wondered at times where the godly young ladies are! Sadly, I think a lot of godly young men get jobs, which they have to do, but in the process meet ladies at work and marry.  Be patient, ladies!  There are some wonderful young men out there!  I know one godly lady who didn't get married till she was at least 40 and married an evangelist!  Do not let your impatience make you settle for second best.  Use your single years to serve God as much as you have time for.  The Bible says in I Corinthians 7:32 that the unmarried careth for the things that belongeth to the Lord and how he may please the Lord. This was actually written to young men, but both young men and young ladies should see that they care for the Lord, and serve Him with their whole heart!  Single years serving God are so much sweeter than marrying the wrong person and having a life of struggles and heartache.  I've seen both sides of poor marriages and good ones.  Wait, and pray for the godly one God has for you and use your time to serve Him!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Priscilla, Grandchildren, and Flowers

Priscilla's book signing went really good yesterday!  She wants all those that came to know she is VERY thankful that they came, including Krystal (The cover girl!)! The library was having a special quilt display so that's why there's quilt squares on the table.

Priscilla was pretty nervous but enjoyed the signing of books and selling lots of books!

Hosanna, Barb L. (the librarian), Priscilla and Krystal.  Priscilla would also want you to pray for those that bought books.  It's almost like having people buy a tract from you!

We watched the little boys this week one day and Arthur had so much fun pulling them around in the sled! 

Arthur gave me this Amaryllis plant for Valentine's Day.  It has been so nice to see something green with color!  A reminder that spring will come even as we are buried in snow.  The flowers have died off and a new stalk is coming up so we're enjoying learning about a new flower that we had never really given any thought to.  It's such a wonderful reminder of God's love and blessings to give us such a beautiful peek at His creation even in the dead of winter.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Girls Retreat

      Priscilla here. A few weeks ago, Miriam, Hosanna, Rachel M. and myself drove down to WI for a weekend young ladies retreat. We had a blast! It was very encouraging and it's always a blessing to meet other believers.
    This is Hosanna, myself, and Miriam standing in front of the retreat center. It was a beautiful building and just perfect for the retreat.

  Here we're having a group Bible study. We did this a few times and sometimes we split up into smaller groups. It's always great searching God's Word with others.

We had the opportunity to go and do some witnessing, and my team went to the mall. Sharing Jesus Christ with others is always so rewarding. Above is a picture of us grouping up with one of the other groups before heading off to do our witnessing.

And here's the whole group. There was around thirty of us.

Here's another group meeting that one of the ladies did on serving God. We had lots of good fellowship and time to encourage one another in the Lord.
    Thank you very much F. family for all the work you put into it. We had a great time!!!!!!!